Improve the interface on the s-s-l.co.uk pages

The s-s-l.co.uk pages now look very low rent compared to everything else.

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WTF? It may make sense to whoever wrote it, but to new customers it looks rubbish.

Honestly, when I try to recommend AAISP to a customer, they look at this page in horror and say things to me like "I thought you said this was a professional outfit!? Last time I'm taking your advice!"

Author: William Blunn, 23.11.2010, 19:17
Idea status: under consideration


aaisp, 25.11.2010, 14:47
Hello, Is this more to do with the 'layout' of the page, or the wording used?
William Blunn, 23.05.2011, 18:48
Er, I don't mind to be patronising, but you don't really need to be asking that quesiton.

Take one look and it should be bleedin' obvious that it's utter kack....
Robbie, 03.04.2017, 20:58
Woot, I will ceratinly put this to good use!
Bertie, 14.04.2017, 05:14
HHIS I should have thouhgt of that!
Chaas, 14.04.2017, 23:59
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