Data bundles on SIM cards

Having L2TP handoff and UK network roaming is very appealing, but for those who also use their SIMs for streaming music, 2p/MB is expensive. 1GB is 20GBP/month, 4GB is 80GBP/month. Would it be possible to offer prepaid data bundles, perhaps on longer contracts?

Author: Adam, 03.10.2016, 02:18
Idea status: under consideration


Cecil Ward, 04.03.2017, 02:53
Strongly support this idea. Also any chance of pre-purchasing a large block of data at a discount? (I realise this may very well be completely out of your control.) A couple of times recently I have been away, eg in hospital, and foolishly racked up £50 bills in one day by watching a couple of movies over the internet via AA 3G SIM. My own fault, but would have been good if I could get a discount for one-off very large volumes. I suppose advance notice might sometimes be a thing too. Would have to think about that.

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