A (non-functioning) demo mailbox for prospective email customers

If there were an ultra-easy web UI facility to allow access to a demo / dummy email mailbox - that is non-functioning, eg doesn't allow sending email - then prospective customers for email services would be able to check out the related UI within clueless and check out the webmail UI, so they could get a better idea of functionality. It's a bit of a hassle now having to buy a service just to find out whether the functionality meets your requirements. (I can imagine that this might be dangerous or a pain to implement unless some cheesy kludges/tricks could be conceived.)

Alternatively, what about one or more very small semi-functioning mailboxes (plus possible external tricks to cripple actual effectiveness), either some pre-created ones or a new instance per evaluator-user, whatever is easiest. The idea here would be to leave the UI completely alone, and just make the underlying service crippled by appropriate settings. Perhaps have it reset or deleted after a few hours/days. If this can be done at all, it might be easier to implement than the demo idea, and have more value to the evaluator.

Author: Cecil Ward, 03.03.2017, 17:28
Idea status: under consideration


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