Volunteers / supporters to do or contribute to work to help get ideas implemented

What about enabling / encouraging volunteers from the base of AA supporters to do development work / or contribute labour towards project work in getting ideas implemented and other projects done for AA? I understand there are difficulties, even risks. It may be that finite staff means that AA can't get any good ideas (out of all the crap ones) implemented in a decent timescale. I know personally what that can be like. I'm thinking even of supporters contributing tangentially, doing testing / code-reviews or whatever, all-hands to the pumps, or whatever the cliché is, not just designing or writing code for AA. (I notice the AA wiki, which may be a similar idea, recruiting volunteers to document stuff?) If this idea has any value, I can think of a number of ways it might work, some more arms-length than others, the rest is up to yourselves.

Btw one obvious part is enabling proposers of ideas to contribute labour themselves to help make it happen.

Author: Cecil Ward, 03.03.2017, 17:07
Idea status: under consideration


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