Filter / rate limiting on line down / up events in clueless

Something went nutty a while ago and I got something like 50 emails containing down / up notifications back-to-back. Perhaps some filter with configurable parameters and sensible defaults to protect you. Sending hundreds of tweets / SMS / emails could flatten someone's battery or fill up an email mailbox. It certainly polluted the clueless log in this case, pushing useful info off the bottom of the display. I appreciate that it could be very difficult to get the parameters right, but a very non-intrusive filter that just protects against truly extreme abuse by a crazy device would be worthwhile.

Author: Cecil Ward, 27.03.2017, 20:21
Idea status: in process

Response from the site administrator

aaisp, 28.03.2017
We do rate limit SMSs, and maybe Texts too, emails may not be rate limited on purpose though. That said, we are building a new notification system which should have more features, some info here: http://www.revk.uk/2017/03/keeping-customer-informed.html


CecilWard, 08.04.2017, 15:33
Any chance of batching email notifications - say if n events have already been generated within a certain recent time interval, then go into batching mode where you queue them up for m seconds and then send a summary combined notification, and the batching mode is exited on a timeout. Something like that would protect me and you both.
CecilWard, 08.04.2017, 15:35
Same for twitter and especially SMS although it might be nicer if the parameters are separate as much longer time intervals might (or might not) be appropriate for email for some users compared with eg SMS.

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