Commission a new super modem

Commission the development of an extremely high-spec ADSL and VDSL2 modem, perhaps banding together with other ISPs eg through ISPA. Then you could exert some control over quality and have your ideal spec, and get bugs fixed in a timely fashion.

Author: Cecil Ward, 04.04.2017, 21:01
Idea status: under consideration


Craig Loftus, 04.04.2017, 21:49
What do you mean by 'high-spec'? I think a high quality (build and security updates) simple modem (no wireless, usb, etc) to pair with modern access points would be interesting.
Cecil Ward, 22.04.2017, 13:10
By high spec I meant high performance, and to suit my situation fast sync speeds even on an ultra-long line. A PPPoEoE modem is one thing and an IP router is another - and I think both are desireable.

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