Ability to buy an Openreach engineer install

I would like to be able to buy an installation carried out by an Openreach engineer (optionally), at extra cost. Firstly I am disabled. Secondly I am told, no idea if it's true, that BT will then guarantee speeds to within the ‘A-range’ if an engineer has initially checked the line, as opposed to the wider ‘B-range’. (This may be nonsense, I don't know.) If this is true, then the stronger guarantee would be something that I would very much like to pay extra for. I really would like this improved level of customer service and possible performance guarantee and am happy to put my hand in my pocket to compensate AA for the extra admin/hassle. I am told that PlusNet can sell engineer installs.

Author: Cecil Ward, 04.04.2017, 22:36
Idea status: under consideration


CecilWard, 08.04.2017, 15:40
I would also like to be able to pay for a general Openreach engineer or AA partner engineer visit for appropriate maintenance tasks, because I am disabled. Although advice would be needed about the possibilities available.

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