lightning warning

Warn customers about approaching lightning storms through KCI mechanisms. This could be done by plugging your servers in to the blitzortunglive / lightningmaps.org network, which has an http-based alert service and can generate apple push messages too. Its API can be given a request containing a 'standing order' to send a future alert to a user when a strike occurs within radius r of coordinates x,y. It can send live event messages for all strikes within a rectangular region of grid coordinates too I believe. You already know postcodes of installation sites. It would be some development work, fiddly, but the end result would be absolutely superb, protecting thousands of customers. Should consider making it chargeable to fund the development effort. It's basically glueing two systems together, bolting a connector in inbetween KCI and the blitzortung api but possibly with automatic 'user accounts' on their system for customer sites or else just coordinates alone and that's it, alert radius could be whatever you want or even let users override it.

Their own app isn't as good as KCI because it only generates noises in the app on an ios (or whatever) box uses push messages. I don't know if they have a *nix client either. Your KCI is universal: their system can't do SMS + twitter + email as your KCI does.

I would volunteer to write it but I don't know enough about http, don't know the innards of your systems and my health is absolutely shot so the latter is a showstopper.

Author: Cecil Ward, 24.01.2018, 23:34
Idea status: under consideration


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