have my VOIP number presented to my mobile when a call is forwarded (instead of the original callers number)

This is offered by a number of other VoIP providers and it is extremely useful to see "Ah - this call is for my VoIP line" as opposed to "Ah - this call came directly to my mobile" (or other fowarded number). Just a simple checkbox next to each "Also ring:" target on the VoIP page and then just change the CLI to match to VoIP number.

Author: Richy C., 29.12.2010, 20:46
Idea status: under consideration


Nathan Phillips, 14.11.2011, 14:43
Even better, just add a prefix like is done when forwarding to AA SIMs. If this was customisable then you could see who was calling and which VOIP line they were calling.
Allie, 03.04.2017, 20:20
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Molly, 14.04.2017, 05:14
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