Submit DS records via the control pages for inclusion in the .uk domain when using DNSSEC

The .uk zone has been signed since March 2010. I've been signing zones registered via A&A using ISC's DLV service for some time. It would be good to actually get secure delegation from the root for at least some of my domains -- which means adding DS records into the parent zone alongside the NS records used for delegation. Like this:

% dnssec-dsfromkey Kinfracaninophile.co.uk.+005+60269
infracaninophile.co.uk. IN DS 60269 5 1 25EFABDBD3F1002AB2ECA2527FA8EB67FB41734E
infracaninophile.co.uk. IN DS 60269 5 2 1B069F1E1BBCC8DD710DF5402DE0ECE7DD7591BF18644BA90EE1AF1D C1D0E409

Author: Matthew Seaman, 24.02.2011, 19:49
Idea status: scheduled

Response from the site administrator

aaisp, 02.03.2011
DNSSEC is on our engineering to-do list. We have a few other projects to complete first, but we are keen to provide full DNSSEC support.


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