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A while back your web site said you were looking for hardware manufacturers to provide reasonably priced IPv6-compatible hardware.

I've just tried a Billion Bipac 7800N. Upgraded to the latest firmware (1.06d) it seems to support IPv6 very simply. You just tick the "Enable IPv6" box in the web setup, and it picks up your A&A allocated address range and all just works. I did have to remember to turn off IPv6 tunneling on the A&A web site, but that was it.

Author: John Winters, 29.05.2011, 08:21
Idea status: under consideration


Cecil Ward, 01.03.2013, 10:27
This kit deserves to be promoted on the AA website as a "with wireless" alternative for those who need more wirelessness or more fancy features than the Technicolor offers. Worth considering for users who can't stretch to the cost of a Firebrick plus WAP.

It's extraordinarily difficult to find reliable info about kit that supports Ipv6 especially with the weird situation of some mfrs who have had broken ipv6 support or have dropped ipv6 support altogether in _some_ firmware releases only.

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