Have more ICMP ECHO targets, .189, .190 (etc)

For multi-WAN operation with failover, some firewall software (notably pfSense 2.0.1) needs to be able to ping a different IPs for each WAN link. This is particularly true where each upstream WAN link has the same next-hop IP (

As a workaround, it would be dead handy if your upstream router would also respond to pings on a few extra IP addresses. Could you make, .189, .190 (etc) pingable?

At the moment I'm pinging a few random things like DNS servers, but it would be more reliable to ping the core router itself - without which nothing would work anyway.

Many thanks

Author: Martin Johnson, 02.01.2012, 14:32
Idea status: under consideration


aaisp, 10.01.2012, 09:10
Our DNS servers, and are good IPs to ping, as there are 'anycast' addresses - multiple machines in different datacentres with these IPs.
With the work we're doing over the next few months with new BT links and lots more routers etc we'll see what we can do with IPs on the actual routers like is.

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