Temporarily suspend ADSL service


I have two ADSL lines in two different properties across the UK - therefore is classed as two different 'sites' by A&A.

I am only using one at a time and these are usually for months at a time rather than weeks; at the moment, I am paying for two units which are being lost every month.

Is it possible to temporarily 'suspend' service on the line so that I only pay the per-line fee (so that A&A still gets money to pay for the tail rental to BT Wholesale) ?

Naturally, it is too expensive to do a cease and re-provide every time and this would be a lot of hassle.

Alternatively, the option to tie sites together and have a single unified balance of units shared between them (as someone has already suggested) would also solve this problem for me.

Thanks in advance!

Author: Terry, 05.01.2012, 13:59
Idea status: completed


aaisp, 05.01.2012, 15:27
Hi, we could do this as a one-off - email or call our sales guys.
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