A new website design with a member centre, ticketing system and more

Why not catch up with the competition and upgrade the website?

Author: Peter Murphy, 29.04.2012, 08:49
Idea status: in process

Response from the site administrator

aaisp, 21.04.2015
We've a new support site: https://support.aa.net.uk
We hope to re-vamp the main web site this year too...


aaisp, 30.04.2012, 14:02
What kind of features would you like to see? Is it information that you're after, or a way to interact with other customers, or something else? -Thanks
DPM, 09.05.2012, 23:02
Just a general update from both a UI point of view and a functionality point of view.

If you look at the competition's websites (I won't name any names) the difference is obvious. I would be more than happy to throw something together for you free of charge (contact me on the email address I provided)

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