Add Firewall Options to Clueless

It would be very useful to have firewalling options on Clueless, this means that if being attacked/DDos etc traffic can be blocked before our lines so that they don't get swamped.

AAISP Could also provide canned policy for people that are too technical. It could be a USP for the AAISP service.

Also support IPv6 (I know you would.) in the Firewall options as this is still quite weak in ADSL routers.

Author: dabbishaw, 11.04.2013, 11:46
Idea status: under consideration


aaisp, 01.05.2013, 14:03
This would mean firewalling at our side - we can do this on a temporary basis by manually moving a line to our 'test LNS' which does have firewalling enabled - do contact support if you need this though. Of course, we can firewall IPv6 and IPv4.
Cecil Ward, 29.11.2016, 11:13
Strongly support this idea.

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