Control Pages - Line test - Further Options

On the control pages, there is an option to run a "Line Test"

However, when it is clicked, the following THREE tests appear in the log

xDSL IP Test:Requested
xDSL Copper Test:Requested
xDSL Status Check:Requested

Would it be possible for these to be listed as individual options.

This would allow a status-check to be requested WITHOUT dropping the session.

Author: Steven_W, 15.10.2010, 10:21
Idea status: completed


aaisp, 03.12.2010, 08:59
BT will soon be changing the way we diagnose and report faults - we will need to use BT's KBD (Knowledge Based Diagnostic) tool. This is now available for customers to use via the control pages, and staff use the tool too before reporting faults to BT.

The idea of KBD is to go through various BT side tests and end user checks to diagnose fault conditions, and to make recommendations.

That being said, we do welcome feedback on KBD, as we have noticed it ask odd and irrelevant questions, but it has improved since it was first introduced. KBD results are stored at AAISP's end, so staff can see them, and also BT diagnostic departments have access to them too.
Christina, 27.12.2012, 10:36
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jlgcup, 28.12.2012, 03:42
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heuzlapoux, 29.12.2012, 12:28
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