Time Limit when IP is routed

With the lower unit cost of overnight usage it would be good if the control panel was updated so that you could specify an IP address and the time (start and stop) when it would be routable. That way if a large download was run overnight we could have the option to automatically stop it at peak times by effectivly disabling the routing of the IP address. Downloads using bit torrent etc would happly resume when the IP address became routable again.

Possible Solution:
A time limit feature could be added to the control panel that specified when an IP address would be routable.

Author: dabbishaw, 15.10.2010, 10:28
Idea status: under consideration


Jake, 21.04.2011, 12:56
This is a really good idea - something I have to do manually at the moment.
parknook, 15.07.2012, 12:30
I agree, this would allow people to route via another ISP (via L2TP) during high peak times etc.
Yeni, 02.05.2013, 05:48
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shoclxeiumu, 02.05.2013, 14:06
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dbwsgugzxpf, 08.05.2013, 01:37
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David, 25.09.2013, 14:57
Any updates on this one?
Cecil Ward, 17.02.2018, 09:57
This is a good idea.

It would be nice to have some value somehow published on the internet that is time-varying and tells you whether or not it is cheap rate expensive rate overnight ultra-cheap rate etc right now, for polling or a one-off test. Also something that tells you the UTC time at which the next band change event(s) will occur plus the coming rate value. Perhaps something in the dns (with very short ttl of course). And something that can be queried by using http for convenience of some users, and preferably by straight udp in a minimal optimised format for ultra-lightweight access.

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