Proactive alerts on lines with high latency

I would like to see the ability to notify us if a line has high latency, this would be really useful for VOIP lines as obviously the call quality can be very poor!

We could also have the option to route traffic down a second line until the latency problem has been resolved or rectified itself!

I am guess the data is already availible to do this so its just a case of interogating the data and adding some email alerts and logic to the routing??

You could also have options to say how long the period of latency ie after 2 min or 20 mins etc.... Also maybe during business hours and out of business hours....

Author: jamiewatson69, 15.10.2010, 10:32
Idea status: under consideration


David Reddington, 25.11.2011, 03:47
I agree. But what constitutes high latency? Sometimes those contol page graphs show a pretty thick blue latency band at the bottom. Maybe AA could help by quoting a rough max limit for latency before VoIP calls start to make the effects audible.

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