Stop using "Sizzle CSS Selector Engine"

The way you're using this makes status.aaisp.net.uk unusable, luckily that's ignorable as there's another way to get the information using RSS. Now you've added it to editnumber.cgi on clueless so that's become unuseable as most of the options are hidden in some way using Sizzle. IMHO, the control pages need to work everywhere, even on browsers/devices that don't support javascript.

Firebug shows 214 instances of Sizzle being called on editnumber.cgi, many hundreds more on the status pages, so it's not surprising these perform badly and give a bad impression of A&A.

Possible solution #1: Provide full API level access to clueless which would allow customers to build their own, useful, working, control pages.

Possible solution #2: Don't use Sizzle and jQuery on clueless.

Possible solution #3: Don't use javascript at all on clueless.

Sadly not really a solution: AdblockPlus filter *.aaisp.net.uk/*.js

Author: Iain, 19.10.2010, 20:05
Idea status: under consideration

Response from the site administrator

aaisp, 20.10.2010
We'll pass this on to our web guys.


David Kerrawn, 23.05.2011, 10:16
+1 for (at least) the API part of this
NAB, 25.06.2011, 19:49
It's been eight months since you passed it to your web guys. Have they responded yet?
aaisp, 28.06.2011, 09:24
The Sizzle CSS selector engine should work OK with just about any device these days, may we ask what trouble you are having with it and on what device?
Zarquan, 14.07.2017, 09:52
The status page is unreadable on my mobile. This is a simple status page, why use a (too) clever CSS style. Just plain simple HTML would be ideal. Or keep the clever stuff and add a link to a plain HTML page for old farts who value content over style.

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