have a special deal for BE customers with static IP address(es) running away from Sky

Currently BE customers with multiple static IP addresses are being left high and dry by Sky after the takeover. BE customers with a single static IP address are waiting to see what Sky come up with. And Sky have still to get back to us about using our own modem/routers (which some BE customers are keen to do). Sky have stated that they'll be turning off the BE network in Spring 2014 - so if we haven't taken up a Sky offer by then, we need to have moved to another ISP,

Some "BE Unlimited" and "BE Pro" customers might be interested in the Home::1 package (with its single static IP address). Now most BE customers will have a TG585v7 or TG582n modem/router supplied by BE - and these no longer need to be returned to BE when you leave BE. So if A&A supplied a suitable template file for these boxes (or just the 582n), you needn't send out another modem/router.

Author: Andrew Benham, 18.09.2013, 18:19
Idea status: completed


Andrew Benham, 20.10.2013, 17:10
Sorry, I realise this is the wrong place for this idea.
Andrew Benham, 18.02.2014, 16:43
Implemented! See http://status.aa.net.uk/1879

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