Remove Un-necessary Restrictions on Mailing Lists

I'm currently setting up a domain for a small company and have established mailboxes for each member of staff. I would like to make use of the mailing list facility to allow mail to be sent to groups of staff such as "all", "admin" and "sales".

The current mail setup restricts use of the mailing list to members of that group which seems counter-intuitive. This means that the only users that can send a message to sales@domain are company members!

Could the mailing list configuration be enhanced to include a checkbox which sets "global" or "private" access to the mailing list?

Author: Richard White, 19.10.2013, 18:58
Idea status: completed


aaisp, 26.06.2014, 21:04
You can use 'aliases' to send to a group of people. In this case though, the reply-to address is not altered.

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