Limit downstream line rate at peak times

The bandwidth on FTTC allows for a lot of units to be used very quickly at peak times, so it should be possible to configure a different line rate for peak/off peak/night.

There would be the option to use the actual line rate for each period (which would be the default).
The actual line rate (if lower) would override the set value.
Special usage periods (e.g. Christmas) would be handled as the nearest type (i.e. night).

Author: Simon Arlott, 22.10.2010, 16:27
Idea status: under consideration


rob al, 30.10.2011, 15:12
it would be good if we could do this for a subset of IPs perhaps. but being able to do for all is better than nothing.
Simon Farnsworth, 22.07.2014, 12:32
With Home::1, it would be nice to be able to request the "Slow" state manually - e.g. when on holiday, I can force the line to run at 256 kbit/s so that my quota won't get devoured by a runaway automatic update, while still allowing (e.g.) my home server to maintain DNS etc.

This would be equivalent to the out-of-quota state, but triggered by me, not by running out of quota.
Christopher Jenkins, 23.10.2014, 09:10
I can see how this would be a good idea for some less tech savvy users.
But if you really want and need that flexibility I would suggest using a decent router. Mikrotik or Zyxel where you can apply rules etc to Level 7 services stopping them from nuking your data. Or just time based rate limits etc..
Stuart, 02.06.2015, 17:05
I'm not a AAISP customer but I do this on Mikrotik RouterOS.
I have a RB750 on ADSL and RB750GL on FTTC.

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