Greater control of L2TP logins

Dealer cap options are great, but would be nice to have a few extra options;

cap at 10M, 20M, 50M, 100M respectively.

Only reason I suggest this, is because I have come across some awkward devices that will not let you change/set line speeds and usually default to some ridiculously stupid rate (57600bps) or the like. Setting the line cap to 2M (Current MAX next to none) bumps it up to a 2M speed, setting it back to none keeps it at 2. If another disconnect occurs, it resettles at 57600 unless 2M is kept on.

Basically, ability to set the L2TP line rate from within clueless when devices don't tango.

Author: grody, 23.10.2010, 17:02
Idea status: under consideration


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