be able to amortise my quota over shorter time periods

So, our internet connection is pretty important to our everyday life now - we pay bills using it, stream video, etc.

This means that if I cross my monthly quota, the consequences are painful. And if it happens, it usually happens a day or two before the rollover date - meaning I'm loathe to pay an extra fee for just an extra day or so.

I think that being able to amortise my 300GB quota into day chunks would be useful. I'd actually happily pay the same for a reduced quota but with a higher (ie. still minimally useful) 'over-quota' speed (say 1Mbit). If I had, say, a 10GB daily quota, then exceeding that for the day would just mean I had to tolerate a few hours'-worth of slowness, and then the quota would top-up again the next day.

Author: Dan Fairs, 28.01.2015, 10:49
Idea status: under consideration


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