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Would it be possible to sell low costs ADSL lines that are £5 or 10 a month for example that only have say 1GB of usage, and package them as "VoIP only line" ?

I don't mean that the line shold be restricted to VoIP communication or to the AAISP SIP systems only. I may be taking VoIP services from another provider. However a VoIP only line in my home office seperate to my main line would be useful but it wouldn't make sense to pay for another Home:1 or Office:1 service.

Author: jb, 24.04.2015, 07:56
Idea status: under consideration

Response from the site administrator

aaisp, 24.04.2015
Interesting idea... This would also be good for sites that do low level monitoring of equipment etc. Generally, with using ADSL/FTTC for VoIP, we'd suggest having multiple lines. We'll give it some thought.


jb, 24.04.2015, 07:59
I should have finished that last sentence "it wouldn't make sense to pay for another Home:1 or Office:1 service for such small volume of traffic and bandwidth".
aaisp, 05.06.2015, 09:37
We've been discussing this in the office. We could create a package (VoIP::1) which is: Phone line, ADSL with Annex-M and set to a stable profile, Access restricted to just our SIP platform, RFC1918 IP block for phones, simple ADSL router, no usage restrictions, A lower cost service specifically for our SIP service. You can then order number and phone, plug them in and away you go.
The only caveat to this, is that the service is provided on a single ADSL line, which brings in a single point of failure.
Happy for further comments on this.
Cecil Ward, 09.03.2017, 07:50
Is NAT necessary? Would IPv6-only be an option to conserve IPv4 addresses or would IPv6-only mean that users’ choice of hardware would become a big problem? Would you be providing router? Providing phones too?
aaisp, 09.03.2017, 09:42
We wouldn't NAT, but may well use RFC1918 addresses and rout them. We'd offer a router and phones too.

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