Include the phone number in the test line automated response

When a user has a broadband only line, any outgoing phone calls get redirected to the test message which does not mention the phone number.
While I accept that a broadband only line shouldn't really have a phone number, it is still used to identify the line, both to the use and BT.
Without this information, it makes it difficult to check if it's the expected line. While it reports "line 1", that is of no use to a BT engineer proving the line.
This has caused an issue on a recent installation as the engineer testing in the cabinet couldn't confirm he had the right pair, resulting in over a week's delay to get an engineer to visit, just to say "yes, that's your line"

If there is some other ID that the BT engineer would know, this could also be used, but is then only of use to the BT engineer.

Author: Deanna, 08.06.2015, 11:07
Idea status: in process

Response from the site administrator

aaisp, 10.06.2015
The reason for us not showing the phone number in places is because we are selling this as a 'copper pair' only and not providing telephone services. Removing the telephone number makes it more obvious that it is not a telephone service. Much line in the old days of SDSL where a phone line was used to provide the service, but the number was unknown. We are using normal BT features on the line, it is just that engineers are not used to them. We suspect that this will become more commonplace as the demand using a copper line to make phone calls falls.

So as to help engineers with the installation and fault process we will look in to changing the message to include the telephone number when the line is in a fault/install condition.


TomJepp, 08.06.2015, 11:17
This would be very helpful if there are faults affecting multiple lines - I had a fault recently that affected both lines at a property and they are on different logins - they would have both been reported as "Line 1".

There's also a potential use when there is a big issue like a cut underground cable - it would make it easier for an engineer to actually identify the line.

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