Remove the highlight for peak hours on packages that don't have peak hours

I have a home::1 package and clueless is still highlighting weekday 9AM to 6PM on the usage tables in red.
This is confusing as home::1 has "No units or time periods - usage is any time of day or night.".

Can the highlighting either be removed or applied to the entire table?
Additionally, remove the highlighting from the upload table as there is "No limit on upload, only the download is metered."

In summary, make the highlighting of peak hours actually match the package's billing.

Author: Deanna, 14.06.2015, 10:37
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

aaisp, 15.06.2015
Good point, but it has been suggested in the past that keeping the peak hours can be useful when considering changing tariffs. However, i'll add a note to the page about peak to being relevant to all tariffs. Thanks for the idea though.


ats on IRC, 14.06.2015, 11:06
I guess having the daytime/peak stats is useful if you're considering switching from Home::1 to units...
Deanna, 22.06.2015, 13:41
An extension would be user switchable modes, that default to the current billing method.
This would then show correct, less confusing results by default, but allow someone to switch to another highlighting scheme to see what their usage would be like in that case.
Deanna, 16.02.2016, 12:58
I've just sent this to the support email address:

Hello Support/Engineering.

I raised an idea a while ago about the usage page being not particularly useful if you're not on a units based tariff:

This still seems to be an issue, and the page is heavily units centric.
It currently includes peak and "other" totals for up and down (down bolded), but not "all time" totals.
If I want to see what I've actually had to pay for over the past months, I need to copy the table into a spreadsheet and manually munge the data to add the columns together.

Especially with Home::1* tariffs being pushed (Home::1T) this seems like it would become more of an issue.

Can the page take into account the current tariff, or at the very least, show "total" columns in the monthly usage?

Thank you

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